We deliver the fuel for you to develop your full potential!

We apply the same high standards to all of our products. They have to be sustainable, nutritious, 100% natural and convenient. This is the only way we can ensure that we live up to our mission and give as many people as possible the opportunity to enjoy Brox. At Brox we understand health as an interaction between body and mind. That is why we not only offer you physical products such as our bone broths, but also share digital content with you. We post new, well-researched articles to our magazine every week and offer you things like a free Lifestyle Guide when buying one of our spices mix! In this way we would like to help you to get into your strength and reach your full potential.


We are convinced that change begins on a small scale. And we believe that the first step to a better world starts with each one of us. Only when we use all our strength we can make a real sustainable change in our lives. The fuel for this comes from what we eat and drink every day. That is why we provide you with the most historically nutritious foods so that you can develop your full potential. Because the world needs every change that each and every one of us can achieve in his life.

The team
Foto von Konrad Kaspar Knops
Konrad Kaspar Knops
Co-Founder & CEO

Konrad is the strategist in the team and gives the direction. He has acquired his assertiveness through years of kung fu training. Life in all its facets has always been a deep fascination for Konrad. Therefore he has been dealing with the topic of longevity for more than 15 years and travelled to South America, China, India and Tibet. In Berlin he managed the concept store LOVT as well as the practice URBAN HEALTH with focus on natural medicine and prevention.

Foto von Jin-Woo Bae
Jin-Woo Bae
Co-Founder & CMO

Jin is our marketing guru. As a trained graphic designer and copywriter, he is responsible for the look and feel of Brox. His mother still regularly serves him his favourite dish today: a perfect broth made from oxtail or duck. This also gave rise to the impulse for Brox! (#DankeMom) Jin has many years of experience as a coach for nutrition and exercise and it still gives him great pleasure to help people reach their full potential.

Foto von Nico Burgold
Nico Burgold
Sales Manager

Nico connects the poles with each other: on the one hand he has a strong and clear head and on the other hand an understanding, warm heart. Anyone who knows him knows that he does not lose sight of his goal, but also manages to sweep the whole team away with celebrations and joy! He knows how to be patient and then sees the right time to start sprinting. His current goal: Everyone in Germany should be able to find Brox in the grocery store and thus get his full strength!

Foto von Lea Hirche
Lea Hirche

Lea is the haven of calm in our team. Meticulously and precisely, it is there for everyone and brings structure to our bright heap. It ensures that Brox does not act like a headless chicken, but like a relaxed cow in a green pasture. With her determined but friendly nature, Lea encourages everyone to achieve top performance. Thanks to Lea, daily processes run smoothly and only in this way is the impossible possible – which is exactly why Lea is part of our team!

Foto von Mona Schwarting
Mona Schwarting
Controlling & Procurement

With great attention to detail, Mona takes care of Brox’s internal processes and ensures that day-to-day business runs smoothly. As an enthusiastic sports ace, Mona knows what teamwork is all about. With her infectious drive, Mona pulls the strings in the game and positions all participants in the value chain for optimal results. Whether farmer, dealer or granny, Mona has an open ear for everyone!

Foto von Jesse Kelpin
Jesse Kelpin

Let’s face it: Numbers can sometimes be a bit rigid and sober. But not with Jesse! Jesse is the number juggler in the Brox team and he easily manages to connect numbers with hearts. In this way, Jesse brings light into every number jungle and ensures that the Brox engine does not stutter. With his clear and direct manner, Jesse empathetically pulls the strings between tax advisors, banks, investors and Brox – sometimes hard but always fair.

Foto von Valentina Quijano
Valentina Quijano
Marketing Manager EU

Valentina corrects every error code in the Brox matrix at lightning speed and extends our world step by step! With her from the start, she knows Brox better than her own pocket and knows what is important. She is passionate about expanding into new EU countries. From the search for a partner to a website in the local language – Valentina keeps an overview and ensures that Brox will soon be available to even more people.

Foto von Sarah Büscher
Sarah Büscher
Product developer

Did you get the taste of Brox? Then it’s definitely up to Sarah. Always on the lookout for the next innovation, she goes on a voyage of discovery with her sensitivity for flavors and her pioneering spirit. Sarah always surprises with new creations. The result is unique products in typical Brox quality. With a lot of passion she accompanies the development from the idea to market maturity.

Foto von Lydia Soler
Lydia Soler
SEO Managerin

Lydia has been through thick and thin with us since Brox was founded. There is no stone that she has not turned over with us. The work on Brox has welded us together and so it adapts itself daily to the new start-up phases: She is currently working on the implementation of the digital health programs, connects heart with mind and creates the best learning products that are available on the Internet!

Foto von Daniela Holguin
Daniela Holguin
Social Media Manager

Are you buying Brox online? Then you have already seen Daniela’s work live! As a true personification of the motto “Strength lies in calmness”, she is constantly tinkering, optimizing and renewing to make it even easier for you to dive into the Brox world. Whether she is developing a strategy for our social media channel or adding new products to the shop, Daniela always has a good idea. Follow Brox on Instagram or Facebook and stay up to date!

Foto von You?

At BROX, we are convinced that the employees make up the company’s success. Only those who like to come to work every day and understand and see the meaning of their work can create great things. We give particular importance to a work-life balance and an open, friendly company atmosphere.

Sounds good? Introduce yourself directly to lea@bonebrox.de.

Our consultants

Foto von Wolfgang Müller
Wolfgang Müller
Chef and author

Hardly anyone knows the “right” way to handle meat better than star chef Wolfgang Müller! Author of the cookbook „Wurst & Küche“ (awarded with the World Book Award 2017 – “Best German cookbook”).

With his comprehensive knowledge as a passionate butcher, he shares with us his enthusiasm and passion for the holistic processing of animals and supports us as a consultant and product developer.

Foto von Dr. Sabine Paul
Dr. Sabine Paul
Molecular and evolutionary biologist

Dr. Paul is an expert for enjoyable brain fitness and stress protection based on nature. She also founded and runs the Institute for Evolutionary Health. Sabine is also a non-fiction author, lecturer and speaker.

Learn more about Sabine and her great work: Nerve Power and Palaeo Power

Foto von Prof. Dr. oec.troph Guido Ritter
Prof. Dr. oec.troph Guido Ritter
Food technician and product developer

Areas of work, teaching and research of Dr. Ritter at the Food Lab Münster: food sensor technology, sustainable product development, food law, food technology, development of enjoyment and taste.

The Food Lab Münster has made it its mission to combine star chefs, star chefs and science and thus close the gap between science, craftsmanship and gastronomy.