If fish, then this
According to Greenpeace, wild cod fished with longlines in the Icelandic Atlantic is considered a sustainable alternative. Organic Kombu algae give the broth a special, slightly salty taste.
The vegetarian alternative
Discover now the vegetable powerful broth with shiitake! With its intense flavour, it completes any of your vegetarian dishes.  Hearty, spicy and meat-free.
With Brox you will feel better than before – or it's free.
Proven effect
Brox has successfully completed and observational study with bone broth (free-range chicken) and proved that after 8 weeks of use, specific laboratory parameters improve - overview, final report.
Optimal nutritional content
When cooked for exactly 18 hours, bone broth naturally reveals a broad spectrum of nutrients including minerals, amino acids and 28 different collagen types.
Excellent flavour
Inspired by Miraculix' magic potion, we deciphered the secret of the powerful flavour with the help of 2-star Michelin chef Wolfgang Müller - our Signature-Brox: "Umami" is, an outstanding example of taste.
Certified quality
We only use organic vegetables and herbs for our broths. The bones come from animals that were kept in a species-appropriate way and could feed naturally. In most cases this means organic, but sometimes it also means certified wild caught or regional forestry.
Sustainable ingredients, such as the bones for our broths, which contribute to the holistic use of the animal (nose-to-tail), are a must for us. We also place increased emphasis on biodegradable solutions and recyclable materials for packaging.
Known from
Men's Health
Frankfurter Allgemeine
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Ultimate Brox Guide
„An absolute must for bone­broth ­fans“
– Beate A.

What experts say

Dr. Simone Koch


In my practice I have been recommending my patients for years to cook a good bone broth themselves. It is a good integrative supplement to most of our therapy methods.

Marcus Schall

Nutrition Coach

I recommend Brox Broths to my clients, including Olympic athletes and competition athletes, for faster regeneration and improved performance in everyday life to integrate.

Wolfgang Müller


Brox brings an old tradition into the modern age and makes grandma’s broth salubrious again. Ob zum Gerichte verfeinern, als Basis für Suppen oder eine dekadente Soße, Brox sollte in keinem Küchenarsenal fehlen.

Ellenie Salvo González


I’m a big fan of the Brox subscription program! So I always have Brox at home and it’s super convenient and easy! I immediately noticed the difference: collagen for my skin, hair and nails.

Our founder story

As an osteopath, Konrad often prescribed his patients granny's superfood – the bone broth. However, the patients always had various excuses why they could not cook it themselves. There was also none available cooked bone broth to be found in the market, just the classic meat stock. So we revived an old tradition and developed a product that is just as natural and nutritious as we still know from Granny. #omasfavorite